Casino Niagara

Ways to Get to Casino Niagara

Casino Niagara is one of the best-known casinos in Canada and is situated in the Niagara Falls. The casino abounds in several table and slot games and is thus, a major attraction for tourists all around the world. Even if you are not much of a casino enthusiast, the bar, the elegant lounge and the dining of the casino are enough to keep you within the confines of its four walls. However, more often than not, people are faced with the challenge of reaching the casino easily. That is why we have brought together all the details about the ways you can reach the casino and have some fun at the table games and the slot games.

Taking the Peace Bridge:

If you happen to take the Peace Bridge to the casino, you can follow the Queen Elizabeth Way to reach the Niagara Falls at first. From the falls, take the HWY-420 exit number 30 and through the Stanley Avenue to Victoria Avenue. You need to turn right on the Victoria Avenue and then left at Bender Hills. Finally, you will have reached the entrance to the Casino Niagara, which is situated on the right.

Taking the Rainbow Bridge:

Another convenient way of reaching the casino is by taking the Rainbow Bridge. You need to take a right to the Falls Avenue and then take a left at the next street at Hiram’s Street. On reaching the spot, you need to take a left to the Ontario Avenue and then head straight to Casino Niagara.

Taking the Queenston/Lewiston Bridge:

To take the Queenston or Lewiston Bridge, you at first need to go northwest to the ON-405 W. After that, you need to take the exit to the Niagara Townline Road. Once you take the exit to the Niagara Townline Road, you need to make for the right on the Niagara Townline Road and then take the first right on Stanley Avenue. Take a left on Stanley Avenue before you turn left on the Falls Avenue. Finally, you need to follow the Falls Avenue before reaching your destination on the right.

The Parking Facilities in the Casino:

Parking Facilities

It is important to remember that the instructions that we have provided in the article are only to be followed if you take the car. And if you do take the car, you must know that the parking facilities in the casino are amazing. There is immense space for you to park your vehicle, and the parking lot is also located on the main driveway of the casino. Therefore, make sure that you understand the directions to the casino(Do Watch) well enough before heading for it and enjoy the varieties of games that the casino has to offer.

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