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Fallsview Casino Resort

Hamilton to Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort- 5 Ways to Travel

Traveling from the tip of Lake Ontario to the most popular splendid location of Canada is not a hassle. Hamilton is a port city in Canada, which maps out the western end of the lake with the Niagara Escarpment dividing the city. The conservation zone with the forested ridge as the most significant landmark has its boundaries laid on the land of Hamilton to attract tourists and migrants equally for the peaceful atmosphere it renders.

You can always hit the road with your car and have a good ride over to the nearest casinos to indulge in a game of sheer entertainment. But there wouldn’t be a better option than the Niagara Fallsview casino resort for all those gambling fanatics to visit. If you are a tourist or new to the city and you badly want to get to the casino for your favorite game and a sip of exuberance, Fallsview is the right choice. With more than 3000 slots and video poker machines which accept a wide range of denominations, even the ones with small plans of a gamble can have one here. Apart from the slots, the casino also houses the tables to Craps, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, and Pai Gow Poker. You will be served with nothing short of excellence in the form of casino games, food, and stay. When you are traveling to Niagara Fallsview from Hamilton, you will encounter the doubt over the mode of transportation.

Ways to Get to Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

Fallsview Casino Resort

1.      Train

If you have no time to spare on the travel from Hamilton to the casino, taking the train is the best option. It would take you less than 2 hours to get to your destination, by having to pay not more than $13 for the ride.

2.      Direct Bus to Queen Victoria Park South

The next best option after the train is a bus. In terms of saving time, there would be better options. But when it comes to comfort and the delighting nature’s visuals, hop in on the first bus you get to the resort. For the 2h 22m long trip, it would cost you only about $10.

3.      Transfer of Buses

This option is best when you have missed the train or bus you had been waiting for. It sure calls for extra effort and time, which you would have to spare in this trip. You can board the first bus from WENTWORTH and transfer bus at Eastgate. Get down at Terminal 7 and walk to Terminal 3 to board the bus to Niagara Falls Bus Terminal. Board a different bus from Niagara Falls Bus Terminal to Queen Victoria Park South. It will take you about 3h 37 min, $10, and some effort to reach the destination.

Transfer of Buses

4.      Taxi

When considering the factor of saving time on travel, it is best to go for the cab. Although it takes less than 1 hour to get you to the casino, you will have to pay about $140 for the trip.

5.      Drive

For all those who wish to hit the road with their car or a rented one, this is a great option. It would cost you only about $7 and take less than 1 hour to reach the resort.

a Charter Bus

Perks of Booking a Charter Bus for Your Next Casino Trip

A chartered travel spells of comfort and luxury, no matter what kind of a transport you are seeking. We have heard of charter planes, and probably not as much about charter buses. But that is exactly what we are going to do in this article. Charter buses make for a much more comfortable affair when you are visiting a casino and want to have some fun with the casino games. You need your head in the right place and want to be in a peaceful state of mind, if you are to make some profit out of these casino games. Thus, let us now check the benefits of booking a charter bus for the next casino trip.

Charter Buses are known to make the Lives of People Easier:

The most important benefit that comes out of booking a charter bus is the comfort that it provides to its passengers while travelling from one place to the other. The long haul of journeys usually tires people out, and by the time they reach the destination, they are too tired to do anything productive. Charter buses, however, see to it that the distance is no impediment to indulging in some fun casino games on reaching the destination and that people are agile enough to move around and explore casinos to their heart’s content.

Charter Buses is a Great Way to Bond Over:

With such comfort at your disposal, you shall have very less to worry about. You have luxurious services at your beck and call, and therefore, you can bond over with all the other passengers on the bus over some casino tricks and witty banter. Charter buses are a great way of socializing if you know how to use the opportunity right. Plus, if you are lucky enough, you might also be able to elicit some pearls of wisdom about winning casino games from aced players.

Charter Buses Have Great Value for Money:

Value for Money

Playing casino games is synonymous to spending a lot of money. Therefore, you might as well save some money on travelling. Charter buses accommodate a large group of people at a sufficiently low cost. You would have spent a lot more on flight tickets for the same number of people. Therefore, it is essential that you resort to means that will help you save money rather than spend them unnecessarily, and charter buses happen to be just one of those means.


Charter buses are a great way to ease your discomfort while covering long distances. And they come much in use when people need to rest their brains and bodies to be used later in making the right decisions for the casino games they are about to indulge in. Therefore, book a charter bus and get on a fun ride to the casinos.

Casinos in Hamilton

The Best Casinos in Hamilton

People tend to go all out in searching for a casino in Hamilton since it stands to be a primary source of attraction. The casinos located in these places reek of some classic features that manage to help individuals reach the right point of satisfaction. Since a positive word of mouth spreads, many are aware of the same. Due to lack of information, people might not get an idea about finding out the best casinos in this region. So to help you all out, we have decided to come into the picture. Hence, here are some of the best casinos in Hamilton for the year 2020.

1. Flamboro Downs Harness Racetrack


Be it the drive or the ambience; everyone seems to be liking a lot about this particular place. The casino has managed to set an example for the rest by following some unique standards and forms of criteria. Apart from the central aspect of gambling, the place also holds a special form of appreciation for restaurants and other joints. Once you’re done gambling, you can also move on to grab a drink or two at this place.

2. Main Billiard Lounge

The Main Billiard Lounge is another place that has been receiving its share of good reviews from people all over the world. With services making a point for itself, this particular casino has all that it takes to be among the top. Although the limited selections at the bar might be a turnoff, certain people tend to enjoy the same. So by all means, this is a place that you need to try at all costs.

3. Ho-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls

Six hundred slots, bingo, table games, comfortable hotel accommodations and 24-hour service seem to be some of the standout features of Ho-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls. When you look into reviews, you can be satisfied with their aspects of gaming since people have nothing but good things to say about the same. But the food, on the other hand, did not receive an equal form of appreciation. Hence, if you’re looking for some gaming options, then this place will do the trick.

4. Majestic Pines Bingo & Casino

Bingo & Casino

The Majestic Pines Bingo & Casino comes forward to offer around 600-reel video slot games(Must Watch), a 500-seater bingo hall and some classic blackjack gaming tables. With various aspects of comparisons, people have understood this place to be vital for all gambling activities. The casino has included most of the gambling games that have been seen sought after by gamblers. Since capturing individual interests is one of the best ways to develop your business, one can say that the Majestic Pines Bingo & Casino is almost halfway along the line.

a Shuttle Bus

Reasons to Ride a Shuttle Bus with Casino Shuttle

Casinos are not yet legal all over the world, contributing to the high flow of tourists to the countries where gambling has been legalized. In Canada, the casino industry has had no much growth since the legalization of gambling. Traveling across the cities of Canada has never been a hassling experience since the traffic flow has remained smooth. Gambling took over the country at a slow pace with casinos surfacing on the land to give way for a better potential to tourism.

When you are in Canada and is traveling the cities and suburbs for the perfect vacation, the point of focus would be a hassle-free trip. The country facilitates for every such need of the tourists and citizens. The inflow of migrants into Canada increases with every passing year, making for a better economic structure. All these factors have given way to a rise in footfall into the casinos. When you are on tour all across Canada, and you have a gamble on the mind, there need not be any overwrought thoughts over the travel between stations. You can always board a bus in the city to the casino and back to the suburbs for sightseeing. Here are a few reasons why you should opt to ride a shuttle bus with Casino shuttle when you are traveling through Canada.


Top 10 Reasons

1.      Value

This should surely be the most important reason for you to opt for the shuttle bus. Almost all the nominal fares that you are charged with for the round-trip will be reimbursed by the casinos that provide the shuttle bus service. You are offered this ride for the time and money you invested at the casino to try out your luck.

2.      Comfort

With the reclining seats and the comfy cushions, taking a nap after the day’s adventures is guaranteed within the bus. You could also simply enjoy the scenery that passes by as the bus runs to your destination. Restrooms have also been provided on the bus.

3.      Convenience

Shuttle service is provided to almost all casinos in Canada, including the Cripple Creek Casinos. The shuttle bus runs as frequent as every hour or every 2 hours.

4.      Optional Return Ticket

You don’t need to worry about cutting short your plans since there is an option to return the ticket if you are not traveling at the moment.

5.      Professional and Reputable

The bus service that runs the streets has been in the business for a long time now and therefore possesses expertise in providing the best.

6.      Energy Conservation

You are provided with a bus service that is highly advanced in saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. Without the traffic congestion to hassle you and the innovative green ideas undoubtedly add to the top-end features of the service.


7.      Meeting New People

On the bus, you get to make friends while you travel with both citizens and tourists.

8.      You are Free to Drink

You surely will sip onto a drink when in the casino, which is going to leave you inebriated. By boarding the bus, you also need not take the trouble of driving while being drunk.


a Casino Bus Service

Ways in Which You Can Start a Casino Bus Service

Anything remotely related to casinos makes for a great business plan. Think of all the money hotels that are situated near a casino make. Think of all the profits that are made by the transport facilities plying in between casinos. The figures that we are talking about are huge and not something that can be ignored. Therefore, in case you were looking for any business proposition related to casinos, this article could help you in the endeavour. The type of business that we are going to talk about today is the casino bus service. A casino bus service could be of immense profit to you if you know how to play by the rules and stay ahead of your competitors. Here are a few notes that you must wrap your heads around before starting a casino bus service.

Conduct a Survey to Understand the Pulse of Your Locality:

It is important that you begin by conducting a survey in your locality to understand if your business idea stands much of a chance. Research shall always provide you with some insight into the possibilities of your business, making it big. It is important to understand that not everybody is interested in casinos. And setting up a casino bus service in an area where there are not many takers of the idea shall only mean loss.

Pulse of Your Locality

Work Out Your Operating Costs:

The second most crucial element to consider is the operating costs of the project. You cannot land dead stick on a business idea without factoring in the costs and then hope to make it work. See to it that you have worked out all the costs and you know what risks you shall be running if the idea happens to fail. This way, you can be prepared to deal with whatever comes your way and shall also be cushioned against losses.

Contact the Right Authorities to Set Up the Business:

It is essential that you contact the right authorities if everything happens to work in your favour and you are convinced enough to go ahead with the business plan. The authorities, like the Small Business Administration Office, can be contacted when you have your business plan ready. They shall take your endeavour further and help you set the business appropriately.

Set Up the Business

Finally, Compare Your Buying and Leasing Options:

You must absolutely and without a fail, learn about the various buying and purchasing options you have available for your fleet of vehicles. Sometimes buying a fleet might seem like a much more feasible option than leasing them. The vice-versa might also be true. Therefore, do not proceed without investing much thought into the buying or leasing process. Following these pointers can help you make your casino bus service quite a success, and you might even start having a monopoly in the market of your region.


Casino Niagara

Ways to Get to Casino Niagara

Casino Niagara is one of the best-known casinos in Canada and is situated in the Niagara Falls. The casino abounds in several table and slot games and is thus, a major attraction for tourists all around the world. Even if you are not much of a casino enthusiast, the bar, the elegant lounge and the dining of the casino are enough to keep you within the confines of its four walls. However, more often than not, people are faced with the challenge of reaching the casino easily. That is why we have brought together all the details about the ways you can reach the casino and have some fun at the table games and the slot games.

Taking the Peace Bridge:

If you happen to take the Peace Bridge to the casino, you can follow the Queen Elizabeth Way to reach the Niagara Falls at first. From the falls, take the HWY-420 exit number 30 and through the Stanley Avenue to Victoria Avenue. You need to turn right on the Victoria Avenue and then left at Bender Hills. Finally, you will have reached the entrance to the Casino Niagara, which is situated on the right.

Taking the Rainbow Bridge:

Another convenient way of reaching the casino is by taking the Rainbow Bridge. You need to take a right to the Falls Avenue and then take a left at the next street at Hiram’s Street. On reaching the spot, you need to take a left to the Ontario Avenue and then head straight to Casino Niagara.

Taking the Queenston/Lewiston Bridge:

To take the Queenston or Lewiston Bridge, you at first need to go northwest to the ON-405 W. After that, you need to take the exit to the Niagara Townline Road. Once you take the exit to the Niagara Townline Road, you need to make for the right on the Niagara Townline Road and then take the first right on Stanley Avenue. Take a left on Stanley Avenue before you turn left on the Falls Avenue. Finally, you need to follow the Falls Avenue before reaching your destination on the right.

The Parking Facilities in the Casino:

Parking Facilities

It is important to remember that the instructions that we have provided in the article are only to be followed if you take the car. And if you do take the car, you must know that the parking facilities in the casino are amazing. There is immense space for you to park your vehicle, and the parking lot is also located on the main driveway of the casino. Therefore, make sure that you understand the directions to the casino(Do Watch) well enough before heading for it and enjoy the varieties of games that the casino has to offer.