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Casino Niagara Bus Services

After promising comfort and excitement, the Casino Niagara Bus service has left the stop.

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The faster and reliable mode of transportation is right here to cover all your favourite casinos.

Casino Niagara

Explore the world of Casino Niagara as they come forward to offer a massive bunch of features.

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Reaching the classic Caesars casino is now easier, and all you need to do are a list of simple steps.

Fallsview Casino

Understand the unique aspect of Fallsview casino by reaching the destination through a proper mode.

Casino Rama

Enter the gambler’s paradise with Casino Rama and witness the rise of excitement and satisfaction.

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Virginia J. Weaver
“The ride was smooth, and they also had a few stops where we could enjoy good meals.”
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Fallsview Casino Review

From the moment you set foot on the Fallsview Casino property, you will discover the many marvels that await you. Along with the most gorgeous views of the falls themselves, you will be awe-inspired by the casino itself and will surely come to love this quintessential landmark.

Although the casino went through a rebranding phase in 2003, the casino itself was untouched thus allowing no changes to occur in its 200,000 sq. ft. of space. Of this huge amount of space, the Fallsview Casino proudly offers hundreds of table games and thousands of slot machines. Not only that, but the casino works alongside the World Poker Tour each year while holding their poker tournament. Outside of the spacious casino floor, their hotel consists of 30 stories holding more than 375 rooms and a spa with full amenities. Plus, it also plays host to an endless selection of retail, dining, and entertainment venues.

With this all being great to hear so far, it only makes sense to dig further to find out why.

Initial Feelings

Initially, the Fallsview Casino gives an inviting ambiance that cultivates perfectly with the vast views of the surrounding falls, which can easily entice a visit all on their own. However, within the casino, you will witness the grandeur first hand as both seasoned and amateur gamblers make their way to their favourite games.

The Fallsview Casino is a tidy casino that prides itself on cleanliness and staff goes above and beyond for players to assure them that their visit will be the best experience possible. You will also love that you will never worry about getting lost or having trouble finding what you are looking for as the casino displays plenty of signs throughout.

Rewards Program at Fallsview Casino

Known as the Player’s Advantage Club, this reward program offers many loyalty perks to their players and visitors upon signup. With a rewards card, players are given the “key” that permits them to have access to everything that Fallsview provides. The signup is free and enables you to enjoy your gaming experience in a quick amount of time. A nice perk of signing up is the $10 that is credited to you instantly so you will have a great head start to building a great number of winnings. Like everything else, ensure that the credit is applied before playing. If it has not been applied, enquire about it so that way you will know if it is applied instantly or if there is a certain amount of time to wait first.

Free parking is another perk to the Player’s Advantage Club. You need to be aware though, that free parking is determined by the amount of play you have accumulated. This is another perk where you may need to ask about to take full advantage of it.

Huge Selection of Games

Having a huge selection of games is always a nice feature to have in a casino and Fallsview Casino ensures that there is something for everybody. Plus, with 200,000+ sq ft of space, the available selections are outstanding. The casino boasts 3000+ slot machines that are known to be among the best around so being entertained for hours will be no problem. This means you can enjoy video poker, progressives, or traditional slot machines regardless of what your budget or skill level is.

If you prefer tables, then you will enjoy the 130+ available tables. A few examples available include poker, Caribbean stud, blackjack, roulette, craps, and baccarat. We will go further into the available table games below so you will know everything there is to expect. Another area to know about is known as the high rollers section of the casino. When and if you decide to embark on this you can expect to be catered to every need you have. This is to be expected since your wagers will surely surpass tens of thousands of dollars. You will easily see this occurring within the casino’s Salon Prive’. If you prefer much lower bets, then the slots located in the Sapphire Room will be perfect for you.

If you are a poker player and call people’s bluff, then you will love the exclusive poker room that no other can compare to. Here, you will be exposed to some big pots as you attempt to make believable antes. A few of the variations of poker involve Omaha action and no limit and limit Texas Hold’em

Available Table Games

Like we said above, the casino offers a huge selection of table games including the classic Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, and Blackjack. Players will also see hubs which permit players the opportunity to play against a live dealer. Other than these normal table games, the casino also offers non-traditional games such as Pai Gow Tiles and Casino War. You will love that the attention from these dealers is personable and they make the effort to assist players by answering questions and providing great information concerning the games.

Available Slot Machines

When it comes to slot action, the play is pretty simple and straightforward and you will have a huge selection to choose from. You are sure to fall in love with the huge selection that will have your time consumed without worrying about your account being emptied. A few of these selections include Roulette slots and Tetris Super Jackpots. Whether you prefer the newer slots or the classics, you will surely find the perfect match up as you browse through the casino floor. To gain access to the awesome assortment of slots you just need to insert your card and then make a deposit following card validation.

Dining and Bars

If you love to enjoy the entire experience of a casino, then you will truly enjoy the many opportunities that await in the restaurants and bars. Whether it’s to enjoy a nice cocktail or meal, you will see a huge option that can provide both. To keep your thirst quenched you will find a drink one step away in the Infinity Bar. Here, you will see the many options to enjoy a cocktail or a nice beer, but make sure to keep in mind that this is not Las Vegas so you will be paying for every drink that you order.

For your dining experience, you get a nice selection of restaurants that cater to every pallet. Everything from Chinese food to seafood and buffets or delis, you will be able to load up your plate with the most delectable choices. To benefit the most, ensure that your restaurant of choice will be available after 9 pm as many of them have regular closing times before 10 pm. You may be surprised by this because of the number of casino guests that frequent Fallsview throughout the day and night.

Equal Opportunity

Being able to enjoy the same opportunity as others is another aspect of the amount of popularity Fallsview has achieved. The entire casino is on a single floor so visitors can come and go easily. If you just like to look around, then you will find their kiosks to be very useful in providing you with up-to-date information.

Some Great Slot Machines in Canadian Casinos

If you think Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Macau, you are half right. Physically, Las Vegas is king with 136 casinos. There are 41 physical casinos in Macau. Atlantic City, which has fallen on hard times only has 9. By far, tribal Indian casinos in the U.S. dwarf them all with 460 casinos, so adding Las Vegas and Atlantic city there are about 600 casinos in all, serving a population of 328 million people, or one roughly one casino for every half a million people. Canada, on the other hand, is the king of casinos per their overall population. There are approximately 100 physical casinos in Canda, servicing a very small population of only 38 million people, or roughly one Casino for every 380,000 people. Some of Canada’s physical casinos are small-time affairs, but others, particularly the Casino’s overlooking Niagara falls are definitely rivals for Las Vegas or Macau. And Canadians, and the tourists that flock to these casinos, love to gamble. It is estimated that Canadians and visitors fork over roughly 18 billion Canadian dollars per year. That’s about half of what the Royal Bank of Canada takes in yearly, so it’s no small bit of change. With so many casinos, in Canada and so many gamblers, you probably wondering which are the favourite slot machines for Canadians to play. After all, slot machines are the most popular gambling games at any casino, making up 75 t0 85 percent of a casino’s revenue. Mind you we’ve come up with our 5 favourites and these are by far not a scientific list or are backed by any facts or figure. According to one Canadian casino, the top 5 slots in Canada are:

  • #5. Break Away
  • #4. League Of Fortunes
  • #3. Girls With Guns
  • #2. Mega Moolah
  • #1. Thunderstruck II

Break Away

It’s not hard to see how Break Away powered by Microgaming would be popular in Canada. After all, Break Away is a slot machine based upon Hockey. Canadians treat Hockey like a religion, and even if the game never paid out at all, some Canadians would play it out of respect. A 3-reel slot with 243 pay lines, Break Away is sort of a boring game on the surface, but it has many in-game bonuses such as stacked wilds, collapsing reels, and free spins that can generate up to 15. 20 or 25 free spins. Anyway, the machine has a return to player percentage of around 96 percent, which is darn good for Canadian Casinos.

League of Fortunes

League of Fortunes is another slot machine by Micrograming, this one with 5 reels and an amazing 1024 pay lines. League of Fortunes has an ocean theme. The League of Fortunes logo serves as the wild symbol, and during free spins, you can collect 5 times as much as a normal payout. The game is played easily on mobile devices without download, and there is a return to player of around 96.5 percent. The max win is 37,500 coins which will buy you plenty of Canadian ice fishing gear.

Girls with Guns

It’s not surprising that Girls with Guns Made the list. Even though plenty of women play at Canadian casinos, over 80 percent of Canadian gamblers are men. This is a 5 reel slot machine with a simple theme, 5 hot girls in skimpy outfits are out to capture a drug lord. The game does feature plenty of action, with bonus rounds, wild symbols, multipliers, scatters, and free spins. In Canada, one wonders whether the game would have done even better with hot girls in Hockey Jerseys. But its a good slot machine, even if its macho orientated, with a payoff of 96.5 percent return to player. Also by Microgaming, the game can easily be played on a smartphone with no download.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a progressive machine, which means the big payouts are better but the return to player average is not so much. RTP percentage is 88.12, the lowest of or our Canadian Slot Machine reviews. Mega Moolah has an African theme, with just 5 reels and 3 lines. However, the payout for a grand win is over 1 million dollars, so its definitely worth a spin. Mega Moolah has been around for quite some time, with its inception in 2006. The wild symbol is the ion, and you can get as much as 15,000 times your stake.

Thunderstruck II

Finally, there is Thunderstruck II. Based upon Norse Mythology, with a ton of bonus features, it’s not hard to see why Thunderstruck II is at the top of the list for Canadian Casinos. With 5 reels and 243 ways to win, Thunderstruck is a heck of an exciting game.

Top Popular Games at Canadian Casinos

Have you been looking for the best casino game to play in Canada or the fastest payout online casinos? Well, if you do, you are in the right place. Casino games have gained popularity over the years in Canada. There so many of them in that the only thing you have to worry about is to choose the right type of casino game to play. There are different types of games played in casinos today. Some of them include blackjack, slots, poker, keno, bingo, video slots, and roulette, among others. People play casino games for different reasons, such as entertainment or for money. Regardless of the reason that you have to play a casino game, you can be sure it is an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. The following are the main types of casino games played in Canada.


You cannot visit any Casino in Canada and fail to find a blackjack game. It has gained a lot of popularity because it is easy to play. This game is played using either four, six, or eight cards. The cards re then stuffed and placed in a shoe where the dealer can slide one card one at time. The most popular blackjack game in Canada is either double or single-decks. The game begins once a bet is put by stacking chip [s] in the betting square. Once all bets have put every player together with the dealer is then given two cards. In this game, the cards of the player are dealt face-up, and no one is supposed to touch their cards. Each player has to play according to the rules of the games. Casinos are different depending on the casino you are at the dealer usually draw more cards to a total of 16 or less, and it is a must a dealer to stop on any total of 17 or more.

Video slots

This is the most played game in Canada. The games have brilliant features such as graphics and themes, which makes them very enjoyable. The video slots games are machines that can play many different games at the same time hence their popularity. Regardless of the game that you are playing, you are supposed to insert a coin before you can begin the game. For the wheels to start spinning, you have to pull a handle or press a button. If you are using the older machine, it has three wheels; however, the latest one has about 3 to 5 simulated wheels. For the payment of the player will be based on the patterns of the symbols. If you are a beginner in this game, you do not have to worry about anything as it is very easy for you to learn and start playing.


Roulette is an easy game, and it does not require anyone to have any experience to play it. The person who is playing places a wager on the table to wager. The table they use has 37 numbers that start from 00 to 36. For an additional betting, they have other numbers that can be even and odd, red-and-black. For the players, they must place the bet between 2, 3, 4, or 5 numbers. He or she may also lose the bet in the additional betting area. For the players bet to win, the dealer usually spins the wheel in a clockwise direction and then rolls the ball in the clockwise direction. The balls will the roll in the numbered slots on the wheel and all the bets that correspond wins.


Craps is an energy dice game; it is a top-rated game in Canada. It has continued to gain its popularity over the years. In this game, the player can win by rolling the dice themselves in 2 stages of the game. The house is always fair, and the placer can put their bet on the person shooting the dice. This game is based on seven. All the players that are playing place all the bets around the table and then focus on the line pass, which very crucial for this game. The craps game the numbers 7 and 11 are the winners of the game in this line and 2, 3, and 12 lose. The field lines that wins are in numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. If you get to number 12 and 2, you are supposed to pay twice.


Baccarat is a popular casino table game in Canada that entails establishing whose hand comes close to the value of 9. When playing this game, the player is presented with three options, which include the tie, player, and the banker. Immediately the player’s places their bet the dealer has to deal out 2-cards hands, which include the banker and the dealer’s hand. The hands are then added, and once the hands are over, the ten is dropped. In the Baccarat game, the hand that is equalled to 10, then it automatically becomes a zero. The hands that win must be higher than two and any other person placed a corresponding bet becomes the winner.


Playing bingo game is interesting and fun. When playing it, you usually get cards with a matrix of 5 x 5 each matrix represents letter B-I-N-G-O. To win in this game, you have to match the numbers which usually are selected randomly to the ones on the hand. The player who forms a linear pattern is the one who is pronounced as the winner. If you have never played this game, you do not have to worry as it is very easy to play.


Poker is the most played game in Canada. In this game, the player plays against the casino and no other players like most casino games. The poker card involves 5 cards. The cards are ranked from the highest to the lowest. Where there are a pair, two pairs, three of a kind. There are flush, full house, and a royal flush. The player who wins is the one who has the best hand. There are different versions of poker, which include 5-card, Texas, and 7-card stud, among others.


Keno is one of the casino lottery game. In this game, the player gets a card that has numbers that range from one to one-eighty. For the player to select a bet, the player has to select 20 numbers. The cards are usually registered before the game begins. The dealer usually announces the 20 random numbers. Once the numbers have been selected, the player will try to match as many numbers as the announced ones. The player who will have the most matching numbers the greater chances that he or she will have to win. If you do not know how to play this game, you do not have to worry because it is also a very easy game to play. Casino games are interesting and fun to play. If you have been wondering which type of casino game is good for you to play here in Canada, then wonder no more as the above list will help you to choose the right one.

Express Casino Payouts

It is one thing finding a fun online casino to play at in Canada and a completely differenct story finding one that pays out in a reasonable timeframe. It is one of the most frustrating situations that can occur when playing online in Canada. There are almost always excuses from less reputable casinos that delay your withdrawals when the time comes to cash out.

The Truth About Express Casino Payouts

Fastest Canadian Casino withdrawals

It is common for people to believe that the delays when when withdrawing your money online are the norm but Canada does actually have some of the fastest payout casinos. I have done some research and found out that eWallet is the most popular and fastest payout option. Most of the time it is instant, sometime it might take up to 24 hours. But all the other payouts have different times that they payout. Some are 24-48 hours, or some take up to 72 hours. They even have some that are 3-5 days. Now to withdraw your money, they have a max amount that you have to reach. At one casino the max amount is only $100 as another one was 22,000 per month. It all depends on when you want your money, most people choose the fastest way. Some casinos have a deposit min amount that they have to enter to play casino games. They vary from $5, $20, to even $100. When you deposit an amount they give you so many free spins to help win some more money.

With the payouts becoming an instant payout, there is an increased number of people that are turning to online casinos. You can play in the own comfort of your own home in your pj’s. When looking for the best payout casinos where are some things to look out for: Pay attention to the payout percentage, they take a small percentage out of your payout. Check out your payment options, choose the best one for you. If you want your money fast then choose eWallet if not then you can choose one of the other options. eWallets are your best option. You won’t have to sit around and wait for days for your money. When starting out playing online casino games, make sure you start with a small deposit, you don’t want to throw all your money in and lose it all. Do some research and choose the best online casino for you. There are over millions to choose from. All online casinos have pro and cons make sure you look over everything. A casino that pays out instant shows that they value their customers, are making a healthy living financially and runs their business well.

Casinos with Fast Withdrawals

Fast Casino Payouts

Everyone likes winning some money playing casinos and they want their money as soon as they can get it. Here are some of Canada’s fastest payouts. First, we have Gate777. There is a $25 withdraw limit, but all payouts and instant and free. It may take up to 24 hours for the transaction. Then we have Dreamz Casino, they offer no hidden withdraw limit, so the minute you win big you can cash out. The fastest withdraw with them is eWallet which is instant. Credit cards, debit cards, Bank transfer take anywhere from 24-72 hours, and the pending time is 24 hours. Another casino is casino joy. You have a CA$10 minimum and a CA$3,000 maximum withdrawal limit. The fastest way to get your money is thrown eWallet, it takes 0-24 hours to get your money. 1-3 days for credit and debit cards. 3-5 days for a bank transfer. All transactions have a 24 processing time. Spinit Casino offers same-day payout via eWallet, with a min deposit of $10 and max withdraw of $5,000. Vegas Hero, you get an instant payout same transactions as Spinit casino.


Check your online casino reviews before making any decisions about signing up. Choose the best option for you. Don’t overpay at an online casino, start small and work your way up. Check their policy statements and their withdraw policy, every casino is different, and see what they charge to payout. Contact customer service to see how fast they respond, they play a huge part in the online casino world. If you have been playing at an online casino that has had fast payout and all of a sudden they start taking a little longer to send you your money, you may want to look into that, that shows a bad sign, some other signs you want to look out for are: customer service, if it takes them a while to respond, you suddenly have problems playing the games. If you run into any of these problems I would get my money out and go to a different online casino. Some pros to payout for online casinos are comfort, you can enjoy all the games from home, You get bonuses and earn rewards, they have signed on bonuses and earn free spins. You have different types of casino options like poker, slots, and bingo. It is for everyone’s budgets. Whether you’re just starting or you have won big once or twice. Just relax and enjoy all the games that they have to offer, don’t stress about the money or you want to be able to enjoy yourself. If you have done all the research and feel confident then there should not be anything to worry about.

About the Casino Bus to Niagara Falls

Casino Bus

Canada, the second-largest country in the world, is house to many resources and landscapes that are worth beholding for life. Of all such locations, it is the Niagara Falls that attract most of the tourists to this enormous land of wonders. Population in the city is small compared to the area mapped out by the boundaries set by the rocky waterfalls. This feature of Canada brings in more migrants and tourists for a taste of the magnificent suburbs and towns.

Although casinos aren’t the most frequently encountered establishment in Canada, there is a significant number in the country. Among the popular casinos include the Casino Niagara, Casino Rama, Casino Windsor, Fallsview Casino, Seneca casino, and Firekeepers casino. The most baffling episode for all the tourists and visitors of casinos would be that of opting the mode of transport. With plenty of options available in the city, people are likely to get confused with the right choice for them. For the ones who look to save time, it is best to spend some dollars on the taxi or rental car whereas it is best to go by train or bus when you need to save money. More of a soothing experience while traveling can be found when taking the bus, which is why most sites and travel experts recommend the bus journey.

There wouldn’t be a person who leaves the country without visiting the Niagara Falls, thereby putting the transportation towards that direction of the city under high demand. Here are a few details of the casino bus to Niagara Falls for all those gambling fanatics who are planning to visit the biggest landmark in the country.

Amenities in the Bus

There are several amenities in the bus, sufficient enough to serve you with comfort. The reclining seats are what you come across in any bus these days, which is equally available here as well with almost a complete reclination possible to fall asleep while on the long trip. Depending on the bus, you will be provided with various onboard entertainment activities or devices to indulge in for a movie or songs. Free Wi-Fi is also available on the bus. Onboard restrooms are provided on the bus with every seat having individual power outlets and three-point seatbelts.

Bus Stop Locations and Ticket Price

Ticket Price

You always have to carry a valid identification card when traveling since the authorities will check it against the list created. When you make sure that you are carrying one, you can go for any renowned bus service running the distance. When you are boarding the casino bus to Niagara Falls, you would either be dropped at close proximity to the destination or else at the Niagara Falls Bus Terminal.

When you are an Elite/Premier member, the trip would be free, whereas when you are new to the place and a casual visitor, you will need to pay about $25. But if sign up for a VIP card, you will be paid back $20 from the initial amount charged.

Alternatives to the Bus

If you are bot comfortable taking the bus at this time there is always the option of taking your own vehicle or renting a car for the day. This is not always possible and taking a taxi could be prohibitive in terms of cost depending on how far you live from the falls. If you are only going to Niagra falls to avail yourself of the casino, we would recommend playing online at this point in time. We have a great article on express casino payouts that we recommend to anyone considering playing online.

All That You Need to Know About the Shuttle Between Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino

Casino Niagara

The casino shuttle service between Niagara and Fallsview was a well-thought approach that many seem to like. By all means, it stands to be a mix of comfort and convenience. So naturally, it moves ahead to be a favourite option for people living in and around the place. Even individuals coming from other locations would be delighted to seek this service. Due to all this, the demand sits on a high, and thus, people need to know more. Hence, here’s some information that can quench any level of curiosity.

The Daily Schedule

This particular shuttle runs throughout the week by following different timings and patterns of schedule. The pattern that it follows is as follows.

  1. Sunday to Thursday – 5 PM – 11 PM
  2. Friday & Saturday – 5 Pm – 1 PM

The Daily Schedule

This particular schedule will not change except for unforeseen circumstances. Otherwise, it runs with pickups being approximately every 30 minutes. Apart from that, the exciting aspect of the matter comes in the form of free rides. With a PAC card or a partnering hotel key card will be the right choice, if you wish to avail a free ride.

Hotels along the line

To cater to different kinds of needs, people can also move up to receive some form of mouthwatering delights with a bunch of hotels coming along the line. Hence, here are those very hotels.

  1. Sheraton on the Falls – with nonstop bookings and top-notch services, Sheraton on the Falls is a classic place that you need to visit. It opens its doors towards excellence and has the right form of experience to prove it.
  2. Skyline Hotel & Waterpark – the Skyline Hotel & Waterpark is another attraction that needs to be witnessed. This restaurant moves up to offer a bunch of features that are compatible and can make any traveller happy. The staff are also highly trained, thus chalking the way for an excellent trip.

The Pickup Locations

Remembering and understanding the pickup location will be of great help if you wish to travel safe and sound. These locations do not tend to change, and if there is any, authorities will address it right away. So without further ado, here are the pickup locations.

The Pickup Locations

1. Fallsview Casino Resort

Sunday – Thursday – the last pickup will be at 10:30 PM

Friday & Saturday – the last pickup will be at 12:20 AM

The location for the same will be at Bus Bay on Concourse level next to Motorcoach.

2. Casino Niagara

Sunday – Thursday – the last pickup will be at 10:45 PM

Friday & Saturday – the last pickup will be at 12:45 AM

The location for the same will be the front entrance of level 3, situated on the left side.

Benefits of Taking a Casino Shuttle


Casinos are fun when you have the night all planned out. This means that you know which casino to hit, what to wear, and which friends to go with. But a fun casino night is also about how comfortably you are able to travel to your destination. Casino shuttles happen to ease your journey to a casino and make the sometimes laborious task of finding a ride to the casino and back home comfortable. And if you are still not convinced about the perks of taking a casino shuttle, here are a few for you to ponder upon.

They are Cost-Effective:

Casino shuttles are extremely cost-effective as compared to booking private cabs. These shuttles ply frequently and can accommodate a number of people. Playing at a casino often leads to one spending a lot of money. Therefore, it is always advisable to take a shuttle and save up where you can.


There is Convenience in the Pick-up Locations:

These casino shuttles function in a way that it is easy for people to commute. There is flexibility and convenience in the pick-up and drop-off locations, and you can very well choose your locations according to your comfort.

Casino Shuttles are Safe and Comfortable:

Travelling in casino shuttles is completely safe and sound, and they are comfortable as well. These shuttles are designed in a way that they can operate as per the convenience of the passengers. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your safety while you take a shuttle at night.

Casino Shuttles Help You Socialize:

Casino shuttles are a great place to socialize and understand the pulse of your fellow passengers. These shuttles can help you acquire some hacks from the other passengers about various casino games which can help you win some hands at the games.

Casino Shuttles are Eco-Friendly:


Casino shuttles are eco-friendly since they carry a number of passengers together on the same bus, which further reduces the load on the environment. There is less pollution and less noise from the vehicles. Thus, taking a casino shuttle shall only contribute to the cause of the environment.

Casino Shuttles Help You De-stress:

Since these shuttles are a great way to let your hair down for a while and take the steam off, you can relax and spend some quality time with your fellow passengers and brush up on your casino tricks. This shall help you to win some hands when you indulge in the games.


Casinos have a certain lure to themselves, and it might not always be possible to ignore the siren call of them. Therefore, it is important that you make the right travelling plans when you want to visit a casino. Taking the casino shuttle can help you save money and also save the best parts of yourself for the showdown at the casinos.

Great Canadian Casino Express

Canadian Casino

Traveling through the cities in Canada fills you with joyous crumbs which group up to one of the best vacations you will ever have. Casinos have sporadically conquered the country with the fad for gambling not having much of an impact in this city. It is mostly the tourists that visit these establishments to enjoy each moment in the second largest country. With the wondrous Niagara waterfalls to adorn the streets, beauty is far beyond question in Canada. When you are new to this city, you are sure to be mesmerized by the infrastructure it holds. It comes as no surprise that the gambling industry further leaves you awestruck for the grandeur it exudes. Experience the height of luxurious gambling here with the minimal bustle of the city to annoy you. There are online alternatives to the Canadian Casino Express with an excellent article available here on Canadian Courier on how to find casinos with express payout speeds.

minimal bustle

This factor attracts most of the gambling fanatics to Canada for the perfect gambling vacation. Considering all the pillars to the casino industry in Canada, you are undoubtedly in for a splendid show out here. But what people find confusing is the travel from one place to another. Be it traveling for city sightseeing from the casino resort or the way back; you need to find a way to get to your destination. With the Great Canadian Casino Express functioning within the cities, you are least likely to fall stranded or be hampered by the heavy traffic flow in the country. The facilities provided by the casinos to all the tourists and citizens who come to try out their luck in these establishments is quite impressive. Let us have a look at what the Great Canadian Casino Express has in store for us.

A Closer Look at the Great Canadian Casino Express

When you are in the territory of Canada and have been looking out for the best casinos in the country, there would be plenty on the list to visit. To go for the best will be quite hard with almost every casino in the country rendering top-end services. But when it comes to selecting the travels for the entire period, you will have no better choice than the Great Canadian Casino Express. You are guaranteed an immemorable vacation with the luxurious wheels taking you on the ride through the diverse cultures.

Casino Express

The Caesars casino has about 38 departures coming in the next week, with almost $20 being charged for each person. With the amount paid, you get to play slots and also is provided with luxury motor coach transportation. A day at Caesars will offer you exciting games ranging from Blackjack to Roulette. No games are excluded from this list.

Similarly, there are games and exciting events in other casinos awaiting you to infuse you with bliss. With almost the same number of departures happening from the other casinos, you are indeed going to be entertained with the casino games. Transportation is provided to all the casinos offering these facilities, which include the Fallsview, Seneca, Firekeepers, Rama, and Niagara.

Hamilton to Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort- 5 Ways to Travel

Fallsview Casino Resort

Traveling from the tip of Lake Ontario to the most popular splendid location of Canada is not a hassle. Hamilton is a port city in Canada, which maps out the western end of the lake with the Niagara Escarpment dividing the city. The conservation zone with the forested ridge as the most significant landmark has its boundaries laid on the land of Hamilton to attract tourists and migrants equally for the peaceful atmosphere it renders.

You can always hit the road with your car and have a good ride over to the nearest casinos to indulge in a game of sheer entertainment. But there wouldn’t be a better option than the Niagara Fallsview casino resort for all those gambling fanatics to visit. If you are a tourist or new to the city and you badly want to get to the casino for your favorite game and a sip of exuberance, Fallsview is the right choice. With more than 3000 slots and video poker machines which accept a wide range of denominations, even the ones with small plans of a gamble can have one here. Apart from the slots, the casino also houses the tables to Craps, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, and Pai Gow Poker. You will be served with nothing short of excellence in the form of casino games, food, and stay. When you are traveling to Niagara Fallsview from Hamilton, you will encounter the doubt over the mode of transportation.

Ways to Get to Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

Fallsview Casino Resort

1.      Train

If you have no time to spare on the travel from Hamilton to the casino, taking the train is the best option. It would take you less than 2 hours to get to your destination, by having to pay not more than $13 for the ride.

2.      Direct Bus to Queen Victoria Park South

The next best option after the train is a bus. In terms of saving time, there would be better options. But when it comes to comfort and the delighting nature’s visuals, hop in on the first bus you get to the resort. For the 2h 22m long trip, it would cost you only about $10.

3.      Transfer of Buses

This option is best when you have missed the train or bus you had been waiting for. It sure calls for extra effort and time, which you would have to spare in this trip. You can board the first bus from WENTWORTH and transfer bus at Eastgate. Get down at Terminal 7 and walk to Terminal 3 to board the bus to Niagara Falls Bus Terminal. Board a different bus from Niagara Falls Bus Terminal to Queen Victoria Park South. It will take you about 3h 37 min, $10, and some effort to reach the destination.

Transfer of Buses

4.      Taxi

When considering the factor of saving time on travel, it is best to go for the cab. Although it takes less than 1 hour to get you to the casino, you will have to pay about $140 for the trip.

5.      Drive

For all those who wish to hit the road with their car or a rented one, this is a great option. It would cost you only about $7 and take less than 1 hour to reach the resort.

Perks of Booking a Charter Bus for Your Next Casino Trip

a Charter Bus

A chartered travel spells of comfort and luxury, no matter what kind of a transport you are seeking. We have heard of charter planes, and probably not as much about charter buses. But that is exactly what we are going to do in this article. Charter buses make for a much more comfortable affair when you are visiting a casino and want to have some fun with the casino games. You need your head in the right place and want to be in a peaceful state of mind, if you are to make some profit out of these casino games. Thus, let us now check the benefits of booking a charter bus for the next casino trip.

Charter Buses are known to make the Lives of People Easier:

The most important benefit that comes out of booking a charter bus is the comfort that it provides to its passengers while travelling from one place to the other. The long haul of journeys usually tires people out, and by the time they reach the destination, they are too tired to do anything productive. Charter buses, however, see to it that the distance is no impediment to indulging in some fun casino games on reaching the destination and that people are agile enough to move around and explore casinos to their heart’s content.

Charter Buses is a Great Way to Bond Over:

With such comfort at your disposal, you shall have very less to worry about. You have luxurious services at your beck and call, and therefore, you can bond over with all the other passengers on the bus over some casino tricks and witty banter. Charter buses are a great way of socializing if you know how to use the opportunity right. Plus, if you are lucky enough, you might also be able to elicit some pearls of wisdom about winning casino games from aced players.

Charter Buses Have Great Value for Money:

Value for Money

Playing casino games is synonymous to spending a lot of money. Therefore, you might as well save some money on travelling. Charter buses accommodate a large group of people at a sufficiently low cost. You would have spent a lot more on flight tickets for the same number of people. Therefore, it is essential that you resort to means that will help you save money rather than spend them unnecessarily, and charter buses happen to be just one of those means.


Charter buses are a great way to ease your discomfort while covering long distances. And they come much in use when people need to rest their brains and bodies to be used later in making the right decisions for the casino games they are about to indulge in. Therefore, book a charter bus and get on a fun ride to the casinos.

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