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June 2017

Government of Canada's Single Window Iniatiative (SWI)

October 2016

Advance Commercial Information Compliance UPDATE

July 2016

2016-07-21  Update to the Implementation of the Accounts Receivable Ledger

2016-07-07 - ARL Refunds and Offsetting Webinar

2016-07-07 - Webinaire GLCC remboursements et compensation




November 2015

Moore McLean - The Survey Perspective

CSBC ARL Presentation - November 25, 2015

ARL Webinar GST Direct Payment & Importer Direct Security Options...

ARL Webinar Testing & Certification

ARL Webinar Testing & Certification (F)

ARL Webinar Brokers & Importer Stmts

ARL Webinar Payments September 16, 2015

ARL Webinar Refunds & Interest for Brokers

ARL Webinar du GLCC Option du paiement direct...

ARL Webinar du GLCC Remboursements...

September 2015

Border Newsletter - September 2015 (E)

Border Newsletter - September 2015 (F)

ARL Test Package

DN Broker Day 1
DN Broker Day 2 v2
DN Broker Day 3 v2
DN Importer Day 1
DN Importer Day 2 v2
DN Importer Day 3 v2
SOA Broker Day 1-3
SOA Importer Day 1-3

August 2015

 ARL Info posted to the CBSA website

August 2015

CBSA Contingency Plan for ACI Outages

Contingency Plan - (summary)-V10 March 2010
Appendix A - Highway-V10 March 2015
Apendix B - Air-V10 March 2015
Appendix D - Rail-V10 March 2015
Appendix E -  ACI Timeframes
Appendix F - Systems Outage-Multiple Shipment Query Form 2

May 2015

ATTENTION Highway Carriers!
eManifest Requirements are Mandatory

December 2014

TTP Client User Guide Final Version 10 03102014 (EN)

August 2014

ECCRD v2.1 - Tracked Changes

May 2014

Joint Industry Submission to CBSA

March 2014

Electronic Commerce Client Requirement Document

Integrated Import Declaration 

January 2013

GHS Tariff Guide

GHS Tariff Guide (F)

eManifest Information

Preparing for eManifest - A Checklist for Hiway Carriers

eManifest Information for U.S. Shippers

 Préparation relative au Manifeste électronique – Liste de vérification pour les transporteurs routiers 

Dedicated Team for Courier LVS Program at Commercial Operations (Memo December 28, 2012)

CBSA Programs Organization Chart 2013

CBSA Programs Organization Chart 2013 (Fr.)  


Realignment of Major Projects (July 2013)


Customs Sufferance Warehouses Regulations that is expected to come into force in Fall 2013 - click on the website below to view.   Please also note Paragraph 5 of the Customs Notice; which further supports that courier is "out of scope" for this initiative:

5.Goods imported under the Courier Low Value Shipment (LVS) will be exempt from electronic Cargo Arrival Certification message requirements. A cargo control document, paper bill of lading, waybill or other similar document will be required for Courier LVS goods moving in-bond.  (August 2013)


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