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Our Mission:
The Canadian Courier & Logistics Association (CCLA) is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to represent and advance the interests of couriers and time sensitive logistics service providers operating in Canada. The CCLA undertakes advocacy, research and education on matters impacting our industry and its contribution to the global competitiveness of the Canadian economy.

Our Goals:

Together, we make a difference
  • To be most effective as an organization, we act as one unified voice representing international, national, regional and local courier companies and logistics providers
  • We maintain affiliations with other organizations and/or suppliers sharing our common concerns and goals
  • Encouraging active participation by members in special Association Committees and the public sector serves to increase our visibility and influence.
We shape the future 
  • The CCLA provides leadership and strong representation to Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments, regulatory agencies and committees to ensure the future well being of the industry
  • The CCLA fosters understanding and enhances industry credibility by presenting our views at conferences, seminars and meetings held by both shippers and transportation associations.
We learn from each other
  • We develop and provide educational and training programs in areas of interest to our members
  • We gather, maintain and make available to members, information of pertinence to the industry including regulations, technologies, shippers' concerns and needs, and current issues
  • We foster opportunities for members to interact, discussing mutual problems and solutions and providing general assistance
  • We cooperate with similar organizations in other countries around the world
We are responsible for our actions
  • As an organization of professionals, we act with integrity at all times and continually strive to present a positive image to customers and the general public
  • We recognize our importance to the business community and are committed to job creation, public safety and the profitable growth of all members
  • We expect and encourage all members to be good corporate citizens and supporters of the communities in which they operate
Our Value Proposition:
Provide members with professional service and support in addressing broad-based business issues that is more informed, more effective and costs less than if provided on an internal basis alone.


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