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Drivers License Information


VerX Direct, is pleased to offer all CCLA members access to Canada’s only national-wide Real-Time Driver’s License Verification and Current Class Reporting tool (“DLV”), at preferential pricing.

CCLA members will now receive 10% off the VerXDirect published price list and a $100.00 off the Corporate Set-Up Fee!

With the click of a mouse you will have 24/7 system access directly to each jurisdictional license database, in real time. You can, in seconds, obtain the status and class of any employee’s driver’s license in your fleet. Within a few minutes of uploading your entire company driver file, you can know the status of your entire fleet!

Why leave it up to chance which driver is or is not qualified to drive for you. It only takes one bad decision and you are suddenly facing huge financial loss and legal hassle. That’s why it’s crucial to remove any possibility that any bad decision will be made. Risk wears many faces and disguises, so don’t leave it to chance to determine who the risks are. Verify all your drivers on a regular basis…..When everyone is verified regularly, there is no risk.

The bottom line is you are both legally entitled and obligated to know who is driving your vehicles or driving their vehicle on your company’s business. By using DLV in addition to your current compliance policies, you can now check your fleet at much more frequent intervals. For the cost of one abstract per driver per year and for as little as $2.00 per license check, you can add this extra level of due diligence to your compliance practices. Best of all is that it is simple, easy and inexpensive to use!

For more information on how it works and to set up your DLV account please call George Sutjec at (705) 733-2001 ext. 44 –

When communicating with VerX, please use code CCLA.



Below is the link to the Petro-Canada Discount Offer of 2.4 cents a litre for all CCLA Members and 1.7 cents a litre for all Independent Contractors.


For further information please contact Laurie Barkey, Petro Canada email:   Toll Free:  1-877-777-7252 ext. 2056




CCLA members will be issued an annual credit based on sales for the previous 12 months, rebates will be issued as follows;

2% Rebate just for being a member
3% on annual purchases ranging from $500,000 - $1M
4% on annual purchases ranging from $1 - $2M
5% on annual purchases exceeding $2M

Please click on the link below for further information and application.

Unisync Information & Application Form

For any questions or inquiries please  email


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